What’s your idea for this Valentine’s Day?

Look around! Notice that everyone has forgotten about the January blues. Now everyone is all around the love of February. You’ll see all the couples posting their love on social networks. The fight on who has the most likes and hearts on their loving couple photos already started.

Let’s talk a little about this. Valentine’s Day is an annual festival that happens all over the world. It’s a great day to celebrate romantic love, friendship, and admiration. Every year on the 14th of February, people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to everyone around them. Not only do couples celebrate the power of love, but your best friend should know this too. It’s another day to remind the people near us how much we care about them.

Don’t let this day be only for couples. There’s no problem if you’re single. See Valentine’s Day as it is: a day to show love to the people near you. A day to show appreciation and to let people know that someone cares about them. A nice present, a message and a song of love are always good for the ones around us. A constant reminder for people that they mean something for us is very healthy and brings an extra smile that is worth every effort.

The search for the perfect Valentine might be a tricky business. The search for the perfect gifts for your Valentine doesn’t need to be! The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is the first declaration of love for someone exceptional.

Whether you’re looking to woo someone new or keen to rekindle a romance with the love of your life. These ideas will stop them in their tracks. You’ll find flowers that never die. Love stories to decorate heart and home, and funky art pieces to enrich their soul.

The hardest decision is choosing the best thing for you and your special someone. You find yourself browsing from gift shops to random ideas from Google on how to better show your love. You’ll get exhausted in about a couple of minutes in the search for a gift and smile on the thought that they too are going through the same challenges this Valentine’s Day.

Think of this as a present to show the love that you have for someone. Think of the person you will make this present to. It will represent them, and they will smile and think of you when seeing it. Chocolate will start a discussion about sugar and calories. Flowers are sensitive… you could get a mixed signal with them or get some that cause allergies.

The simple fact: it’s easier to make someone happy and they will think about you more often with a nice picture. Bring a smile and even motivate your other half to do the things that they’ve been dreaming of for too long.

The solution is around the click corner. LightFairy has a huge selection of canvas prints that will motivate your half. Put a big smile on their face and let them think of you more often. Help them remember in every moment that they have love.

Be the one who gives them a present that will help in the long-term, not only in the moment that the serotonin from the chocolate makes them glow like a happy fairy. Be the glow in the dark that your special someone needs.

A nice present that will make someone feel special is a LightFairy glow-in-the-dark canvas print with a custom photo on it. With such a canvas print displayed on your wall, you can tug at the heartstrings, share boundless happiness or convey a sense of serenity. It’s time to tell your story, and this is the perfect day and moment to do it.

The photo and the LightFairy glow effect make this the perfect present that will make someone blush, laugh, smile and feel very special.

It’s time to look for that photo of you two. The special moment when you knew that you will be in each other’s life for a while, the big smile on everyone’s face. A canvas print is a perfect present that will talk about love, friendship, and even family. Our products display an image that is printed on canvas and then stretched or gallery wrapped on a wooden frame ready to hang.

Start with your favorite memories. Do you have any family portraits from the last time many generations gathered around at lunch or dinner? What about those vacation photos from a few years ago, the ones you still talk about every time you get the chance? Transform your memories into art. You can look at them and cherish every day. That will be the best present that will shout all the love, respect and cherish you have for each other.

See all the too marketed celebrations all around the world as a moment to remind people of how much they mean to you. Don’t miss any opportunity to make presents, to have people around you who smile, or to help them redecorate their house with a nice memory. Memories are extraordinary tales! What a better way to do that than a LightFairy glow in the dark canvas print, that will make everyone smile no matter how much light is in the living room.

Can’t decide on the perfect image to print on your custom glow-in-the-dark canvas gift? Worry not! We have a catalog of over 10,000 print-ready images to choose from. Motivational messages, big cats, small cats, elephants and all the other animals, stars and planets, famous cities or untouched landscapes… you’ll definitely find an image your loved one is passionate about!

A piece of glow-in-the-dark canvas wall art from LightFairy is a very special way to show love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to fill all the hearts of the ones around you with love. Be the one who looked farther than the other ones. It’s the moment to show that you are the lover who spoils their partner and encourages even the craziest dreams. Be the friend who comes home with a glowing canvas print. As a reminder that no matter how dark it is outside, love is glowing.

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